Writer, Traveler, & SEO

I’m Jacob Statler, a writer, traveler, and SEO content marketer.

My career in content marketing first began when I built my first website, Dual Axles, a blog about motorcycles.

Now, when I first started writing, I was — well — not that great to say the least. I didn’t really enjoy it much, and it always felt mentally draining.

Fast forward a year later…

I’m a full-time writer, and learning how to be a better writer has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done.

It’s lead me to make a full-time income online, in addition to learning SEO, marketing, and sales.

Today, I’m the owner of Content Cowboy, an SEO content marketing agency, which drives organic traffic to businesses through SEO-focused, long-from content.

What MY clients say

"Jacob is a great writer, very creative and very timely! I look forward to working with you in the future."

— The Minority Mindset, Upwork

"After managing multiple websites, I find myself struggling to find the time to write. Having a writer like Jacob that I can trust to create high-quality, on-demand content is extremely valuable."

— Austin Tuwiner, Owner of BitPremier and ScubaOtter


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